Supplement Types

There are some "high end" anti-aging/health supplements on the market with some very big names and credentials backing them. These products range from the very simple to more complex to the very sophisticated.

We will examine a small sample of these health products which  are representative of what you will find in the marketplace. We will then be able to see what is the best value for your health  supplement dollar.

Each of the simple supplements tend to target one specific metabolic function. We have divided these targeted effects and the products that represent them. The last category is for the multi-nutrient whole body supplements.

NAD+ Enhancement Products:

  • Niagen from ChromaDex - This product is based on one nutrient - nicotinamide riboside (a non-flushing form of vitamin B3 Niacin) which is a NAD+ booster. NAD+ is a metabolite in the cell which facilitates communication between the mitochondria (cellular energy generator) and the other parts of the cell. NAD+ is considered a metabolic enhancer which has health promoting effects.  Live Cell Research sells Niagen for $46.99 for a 30-day supply.

  • Basis from Elysium Health - This product is a combination of two compounds found in nature: nicotinamide riboside (NR), the most direct precursor to NAD+, and pterostilbene, a potent polyphenol (related to resveratrol) found in blueberries. Basis sells for $60 for a 30-day supply.

Glutathione Enhancement:

  • Cellgevity​ from Master Strength - Glutathione is known as a powerful protector of cells, organs and tissues. Glutathione levels decline with age. Cellgevity has 9 ingredients which are considered anti-oxidants, detoxifiers, and energy enhancing substances. These are riboceine (consisting of ribose and cysteine as precursors to glutathione) together with broccoli seed extract, turmeric root extract, resveratrol, grape seed extract, quercetin, and milk thistle. Cellgevity​ sells for $65.00 for a 30-day supply.

Mitochondria and ATP Production:

  • MaxATP​ from Master Strength - An energy enhancement supplement consisting of 7 ingredients to boost ATP (the fuel our cells use for energy) and glutathione levels. The ingredients are ribose, n-acetyl-l-carnitine, riboceine, panax ginseng, rhodiola, quercetin, and CoQ10. MaxATP sell for $55.00 for a 30-day supply.

  • Ultra Accel​ from Primal Force - Mitochondria are the energy plants in your cells which make ATP for cellular energy. This supplement uses Ubiquinol (CoQ10), Vitamin E, Vitamin C and PQQ in order to increase mitochondria, generating more cellular energy. Ultra Accel sells for $69.95 for a 30-day supply.

Anti-Oxidant Cell Protection:

  • RES-6 Plus from Primal Force - This supplement is marketed as a cell and organ protector for anti-aging. It has these 7 ingredients: selenium, green tea, SOD, resveratrol, african mango, pterostilbene, and astaxanthin. RES-6 Plus sells for $89.95 for a 30-day supply.

Telomere Enhancer and Protection:

  •  Telo-Essence  from Primal Force  - Telomeres are the caps at the ends of chromosomes which protect the DNA. These telomeres are preserved by the enzyme telomerase which declines with age. As our cells divide and reproduce, the telomeres become shorter until finally they are too short to protect the chromosome and the cell dies. This supplement is quite sophisticated and consists of 30 ingredients including: vitamins, amino acids, TMG ginseng, kudzu, milk thistle, horny goat weed, bacopa, green tea, cats claw, resveratrol, pterostilbene, fenugreek, citruline, gingko, gotu kola and ashwagandha. Telo-Essence sells for $349.00 for a 30-day supply.

Comprehensive Multi-Nutrient Whole Body Supplement:

  •                                  from Xtend-Life - A comprehensive whole body multi-nutrient formula for men and women with over 70                                  that work synergistically in the body . These vita-nutrients include a complete range of vitamins , minerals, enzymes, amino acids, botanical extracts, co-factors, and specialty age-defying ingredients. These include: Vitamins A, B, C, D3, E, K2 plus selenium, chromium, MSM, milk thistle, TMG, hesperidin, DMG HCL, green tea, bacopa, nigella, olive leaf, PABA, turmeric, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl L-cysteine, N-acetyl glucosomine, gingko, horsetail, beta glucan, SAMe, CoQ10, trans-resveratrol (SIRT activator), luteolin, ATP (cellular energy source), policosanol, tocotrienol/tocopherol complex, lycopene, boron, L-tyrosine, L-methionine, L-carnosine, Taurine, L-arginine HCL, (reduced for proper absorption) L-glutathione (antioxidant, cell protector, immune and heart health), bilberry, rutin, lutein, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin. The sensitive ingredients of Total Balance are protected from stomach acid by the tablet's specialized enteric coating. The tablet contents are safely released in the alkaline environment of the upper intestine where they are easily absorbed into the blood stream. Total Balance Standard​ (unisex, men's or women's formulas ) sells for $52.00 for a 30-day supply.

Endocrine Health:

As we mentioned earlier, maintaining our health as we age requires that we address the health of our glandular/hormonal system. Fascinating research has been done in endocrinology by Dr. Walter Pierpaoli MD. Dr. Pierpaoli and his colleagues discovered the biological clock in the human brain is the pineal gland. Melatonin is the anti-aging molecule which the pineal gland produces at night to re-synchronize the endocrine system which has a profound effect on our overall health. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant which is many times more powerful than vitamins C and E. During the night melatonin facilitates the repair and replacement of cells and mops up the free radicals which cause cellular damage. Melatonin protects the heart and is a cancer preventative.

As the pineal gland ages it produces less melatonin which has the effect of aging the entire endocrine system. This causes the deterioration of the body and brain. Dr. Pierpaoli has developed a protocol to restore youthful levels of melatonin and thus halt or reverse the aging of the pineal gland. This has a cascading  positive effect on the rest of the body. 

Dr. Pierpaoli recommends the following melatonin dosages

according to age:

  • 30-39 years of age - 1.5mg at bedtime
  • 40-49 years of age - 1.5 to 3mg at bedtime
  • 50-74 years of age - 3mg at bedtime
  • Above 75 years of age - 3 to 6mg at bedtime

Recommended Ultimate Health and Anti-Aging Protocol:

1.  In our opinion the absolute best health supplement value for your money is 

by                            . We have used this  'Rolls Royce' of supplements for 11 years and can attest to its benefits on our own health - more energy - less aches and pains - increased mental clarity - excellent blood test results for HDL/LDL, triglycerides, fasting glucose levels, etc.

​2.  In addition to                                    we also highly recommend a                       with high DHA such as Omega 3/DHA from Xtend-Life.  This product has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties which benefit our brains and circulatory system. Research also suggests that fish oil has a positive effect on the length of your telomeres. (study)

3.  Finally, the third component for overall core wellness is a healthy digestive system. Without optimal digestion, we cannot properly absorb the nutrients our cells require to function properly. Optimal digestion begins in the gut with the flora of good bacteria that functions as our "second brain." A healthy colon contains thousands of varieties of live bacteria that forms the basis of our immune system. Any invading bacteria are over-powered and eliminated.  A healthy gut is also important to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Typically, though, we do not have a properly balanced gut flora due to poor diet and antibiotic overuse for example. Most children before the age of three have already had multiple courses of antibiotics to treat various illnesses which contributes to the destruction of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Our diets consists of high amounts of processed foods which may feed our taste buds but serve to starve our intestinal inhabitants. Intestinal bacteria thrive on soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables which we often neglect in our diets. One example of a near perfect gut fruit is the kiwifruit. Studies have demonstrated how eating two whole kiwifruits per day have a dramatic impact on our gut health and immune system. Because it is nearly impossible for most people to obtain fresh in season kiwifruit year round, Xtend-Life has developed a super concentrated whole kiwifruit  in a convenient supplement. Read all about this fantastic supplement called 

4.  As per Dr. Pierpaoli's anti-aging protocol, take melatonin every night at bedtime. Melatonin's sole purpose is to keep you physiologically younger as you age. 

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