Optimize Your Cellular and Hormonal Health For a Younger...Stronger...Healthier Body & Mind!

Is it possible to slow or reverse the aging body and brain? Yes it is! New discoveries in biology and physiology prove that ultimate health is attainable with proper nutrition, supplements and exercise. This is nothing you haven't heard before but exactly what constitutes the best diet, vita-nutrients and exercise for health and longevity? There are a myriad of diets and exercise regimes available to choose from let alone the dietary supplements that claim to improve your health.

Nevertheless, there are clear and proven dietary and exercise protocols which stand out among the crowd! 

In recent years it has been discovered that there are specific nutrients and exercise that is the most efficient for obtaining and maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

The Biological Clock

We know that our biological clock is located in the brain and that is where senescence (aging) begins! We also know that aging occurs at the cellular level and so anti-aging must also happen at the cellular ​level! 

Scientists have discovered that to achieve optimum wellness and vibrant health we need to: Feed our cells the right nutrients… in the right amounts… at the right time!

When our cells have the right nutrients at their disposal - we create the optimum environment for healthy cell metabolism and longevity! This gives us a major advantage in tackling the 5 main causes of aging:

  1. Cellular degeneration: Genetic cell instructions and codes become corrupt - creating sicker and weaker cells!
  2. Glycation: Creates "glue" that latches on to healthy cells and turns them into damaged cells!
  3. Abnormal methylation: Causes abnormal cell division - which can accelerate the aging process!
  4. Chronic inflammation! Prolonged and excessive inflammation is not part of the normal inflammatory response process that occurs every day in the body. Chronic inflammation creates toxic chemicals that “eat away” at body tissues and upset your body's natural balance!
  5. Excess free radicals: These are the nasty, unstable molecules that break down healthy cells and prematurely age our body!

To support our body against these 5 main causes of aging and reach the goal of optimum cell health - we can’t rely on ordinary vitamins and supplements. We need a comprehensive, whole body formula that directs vita-nutrients to our cells at the right time. That’s the optimum way to experience healthy cell life!

Hormonal Health

An ultimate health protocol not only consists of optimal cellular vitality but also requires optimizing our endocrine system of glands and hormones.

Hormones are excreted by the glands at specific times and in optimal amounts to facilitate numerous bodily functions. The pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries (in females) and testicles (in males) excrete the hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction,sleep , and mood, among other things.

However, there is one master gland which influences all of the other glands and this is the pineal gland. It exercises it's influence by regulating the amount of the synchronizing molecule melatonin in the blood stream.

The pineal gland is located deep in the brain and functions as the biological clock. As the pineal gland wears out and ages, so does the rest of the body. 

The pineal gland, therefore, is the master clock which governs the aging of the body. If the pineal gland is functioning optimally (as it is when we are young), the other glands produce their hormones optimally as well. The key is to maintain the youthful function of the pineal gland so that the entire endocrine system will function optimally and youthfully.

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